Choosing colors for your kitchen cabinets can be a daunting process, but it can be made a lot easier by following a few simple design guidelines.

First, consider letting the overall design of your kitchen serve as a guide. Usually, classic, traditional kitchen designs benefit from classic, traditional colors like cream and white.

These lighter tones will allow you to experiment with various pops of color and contrast in other places throughout your kitchen, such as appliances, hardware and countertops.

More contemporary and modern kitchen designs can benefit from bright colors and contrasting tones such as reds, greens and even fluorescent yellow. Reds and fluorescent tones are much more common in retro-style kitchens, and seem to highlight the various elements of this design.

Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional or some combination of the two, classic paint colors will always allow your kitchen to look good and to stand out as a centerpiece of your home.

Black can be a great choice, particularly if you’re looking to create a contrast with an otherwise light-colored design. On a similar note, grays and dark browns for kitchen cabinet paint colors can also help create visual contrast with light colored kitchen designs.

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