If you’ve remodeled your kitchen or are beginning the process, dealing with all the details that are involved can be overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen cabinets, which will become the centerpiece of your home.

Should you invest in stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets and what’s the difference anyhow? Well, here are a few definitions that may help you clarify your decision.

The first thing to know is that terms like, “stock”, “semi-custom” and “custom” refers to the type of production methods that are utilized in the creation of the cabinets.

Stock – readymade, pre-manufactured cabinets that are produced in large quantities and ready to ship when ordered. They’re sold in units and there is no way to customize the look or design of the cabinet. Essentially, your kitchen must be planned to match your cabinets, rather than planning for cabinets that match your kitchen.

Semi-Custom – these cabinets are essentially one upgrade from stock cabinets and come with a few detailing options that you can choose from. You’re still extremely limited in your option, but may feel that you had some hand in the process by being able to pick a few tiny details along the way.

Custom – these cabinets are built with the consumer in mind and cater to your specifications. This means that you are in control and you can now plan your cabinets so that they match your kitchen, not the other way around. These allow you the most freedom in style, construction and design and will become a centerpiece of your home.

We specialize in the creation of custom kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking for something unique and are needing someone who understands your budget, style and preferences, come visit our location in Los Altos, CA. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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