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…Let us “finish” your dreams for you!

Make your custom cabinet dreams come true with Finishes Unlimited, we are a custom painting and fine finishes company. We specialize in creating custom kitchen cabinets operating in the Los Altos, CA Area. Finishes Unlimited in Campbell, CA is a family operated company owned by myself, Eddy Gonzales, a second generation painter/finisher teamed up with my wife Cheryl, father Ed Sr., brother Robert, and talented crew that have been with me for years. The combined experience between me and my father brings to the table over 40 years of knowledge in our industry.

More importantly than being a family run shop we are a “business”, a professionally run and dependable business with the knowledge and man power to get things done right. I have been in business for myself twelve years and plan to be in this business for my lifetime… Finishes Unlimited is here to stay!

We have a wonderful new Location in Campbell with a great showroom and state of the art finishing facility. Walk-ins are always welcome and we look forward to meeting with you, we know you’ll leave here with a smile.

…Let us “finish” your dreams for you,

Eddy Gonzales, Owner

Dear Cheryl and Eddie, The kitchen looks great! Somewhat strangely, the kitchen seems to be brighter with the matte ceiling, which is wonderful. We so appreciate your repairing the fridge door. Eddie. It looks terrific. As the curing continues, the repair will be unnoticeable.

Cheryl, thank you so much for trying to paint behind the toilet. Not yours and Eddie’s issue, which makes your can-do philosophy that much more significant.

Thank you very much for everything! We’ll be seeing you.

Arna S. | Menlo Park CA

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Campbell Los Altos CA

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Campbell Los Altos CA

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Campbell Los Altos CA

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