What comes to mind when you think of cabinetry for the interior of your home, office, or workplace? Do you hope to exude an understated elegance, a no-nonsense atmosphere, or a classic traditional décor? So much of the personality of an interior space can be enhanced and even dominated by the design of custom cabinetry.

The design, materials and finishes of cabinetry can often be seen as reflections of the personality of the homeowner or designer. The understated elegance of ornate cabinetry invites a longer gaze at its details and a quiet pause from ones daily routine. The more country, traditional look tends to draw the eye, and consequently the mind to a simpler era. Sleek, contemporary lines of design provide a clean, untainted backdrop to be enhanced with the theme, color and movement of those who dwell therein.

At Finishes Unlimited in Los Altos, CA, we have design professionals and skilled artisans who will sit down with you and design the custom kitchen cabinets that will represent the personality you want reflected in your space. A consultation at our state of the art facility and showroom will help give outlet to the expression that will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

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