The cabinet doors in your kitchen are likely the first things a guest will notice when entering your kitchen. They are a focal point of sorts, and should be treated as an essential design component of your kitchen. When looking for custom kitchen cabinets, there are a variety of different door styles you can choose from. Listed below or some of the more popular custom kitchen cabinet doors you’ll find. 

Shaker: This type of door is the most common door style you’ll see in kitchens today. It’s a flat panel style composed of five pieces, and its frame is made of a single flat center panel in addition to the four other pieces. Shaker furniture contributed to the name of this cabinet door and is known for its clean look and utility. Shaker doors are one of the most popular door options because they are simple and go with any type of decoration. Budget-wise, this style can vary in pricing depending on the wood you decide to use. Try using a natural finish to save some money.

Inset: This style of door has exposed hinges instead of the concealed hinges you would find on other styles. This means that you will be charged for two hinges per door. The classic feel of these doors is timeless, even if it is an expensive option. It’s called an inset door because it is placed inside of the cabinet’s frame, while other cabinet doors usually rest outside of the frame.

Beadboard: If a cottage style is something you’re interested, look no farther than a beadboard door. This style has a center panel in the cabinet door that resembles traditional beadboard paneling. Try going with all-white beadboard cabinets to brighten the kitchen and provide that fresh look reminiscent of a cottage. Before we started using paint, plaster, and drywall, beadboard was used as a decorative wall treatment.

Flat: This is the simplest door style you can find. Due to its flat-panel design and simplicity, it is a great option for the budget-conscious buyer. Flat doors go well with modern and contemporary interiors because of its minimalist style and hard lines. For a prettier option, get flat doors with decorative wood. If you want something more diverse and easier on the wallet, try decorative laminate.

Thermofoil: These doors are mass-produced which means they can be priced at a very competitive rate. They are manufactured from medium-density fiberboard, wrapped with a plastic-like material, and baked under high heat to form a seal. Even though they are very durable and less expensive than other options, the downside is they are hard to repair if damaged, and some of the brighter colors can turn yellow from the sun and heat after a while.

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