Whether you are building a brand new home or are simply interested in a kitchen remodel, kitchen design is more important than ever when improving your home. This year, kitchens aren’t just being built for cooking purposes. They are becoming multi-purpose rooms that are great for restaurant style meals and socializing. While kitchen cabinets are still the heart and soul of the room, there are several other trends that demand your attention in 2015. Read on for information on the latest design and cabinet trends for the year.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

This year designers are favoring driftwood-tones and dark woodtones, which have surged in popularity since the beginning of the decade. Maple kitchen cabinets are another current trend that will dominate 2015. Demand for cherry wood and walnut has increased as people shy away from stainless steel.

Industrial Kitchen Island

Restaurant quality islands with high functionality are a hot trend for the year due to the popularity of cooking shows and increased emphasis on healthy, home-cooked meals. Mobile islands won’t restrict your kitchen floor plan and will give you extra counter space. Try something with stainless steel shelves and steel wheels.

Pullout Pantry Shelves

Efficiency is all the rage this year when it comes to your kitchen. Nothing says efficiency like installing pullout shelves for your pantry. Since many of your essential kitchen items are in the pantry, pullout shelves will likely be used on a daily basis and will make it painless to find your ingredients. Rearranging your pantry will be easier and save you time.

Metallic or Grey Cabinets

These types of cabinets are ideal for someone wanting a modern look without jumping into anything crazy. Trendy designers choose gray as one of the most appealing neutral colors for 2015, and it is a better choice than the khaki and beige cabinets that were common a few decades ago. New metallic paint colors are hitting shelves right now for the year, and will freshen up your kitchen with their luster.

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain will be one of the most popular flooring choices this year due to its aesthetic appeal and moderate price. Porcelain lasts longer than many other materials and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The reflective services look great in any kitchen, whether it’s high-end or not.

Glass Door Cabinets

Glass door cabinets are a great way to showcase your fine china. These cabinets reflect light and give your kitchen a fresh and airy look. Add some color to the inside of the cabinets to create high impact and match the color palette of your home. Increased emphasis on openness and minimalistic design make glass door cabinets the perfect choice for a modern kitchen.

Sink Tiling

Installing tiles in your sink has two primary benefits; it provides you with a water-resistant surface and makes it easier to clean your sink. Colorful tiles let you incorporate bold colors into your kitchen that may not be appropriate for walls or other features. Try matching the tile colors with your kitchen cabinets if you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to use a vibrant color by itself.


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