Are you ready to take your kitchen to the next level? If so, don’t start your remodel without considering the addition of an island to the room. Islands are becoming a common attribute found in many kitchen blueprints due to the magnitude of benefits they contain. Besides the fact that they add a common meeting space in the kitchen, they also add an additional feature to the kitchen, countertop space, as well as cabinet space.

Common Space

Finding a common space for people to gather in your home can sometimes be a challenge. However, the addition of an island to your kitchen can solve that problem. As an ideal place for conversing, kitchen islands offer an opportunity for you to talk while also getting tasks done in your kitchen.

Additional Feature

Another reason for putting an island in your kitchen redesign plan is to add an additional feature to the space. If your kitchen is large in diameter, this is a great way to break up the room, bringing a more aesthetically pleasing look to the eye. If trying to incorporate colors that are not already present in the space, the addition of a small centerpiece to your island is a great way to add décor.


It seems like there is never enough countertop space when preparing a meal for your family or a large crowd. However, an island can provide you with the additional space you need. Not only does it serve as a great preparation station while making food, but it also works well when trying to serve a meal. By placing the finished product on the island, it also allows for you to continue making or cleaning the kitchen part of the room without getting in the way of those who are attempting to fill their plates.


Similar to the common lack in countertop space available, there is also usually a shortage of cabinet storage in the kitchen. Once again, the addition of an island can aid with this issue.

Overall, a kitchen island serves many great purposes within your kitchen. So, when you’re ready to start your kitchen remodel, contact Finishes Unlimited. Over 40 years of knowledge in the industry of custom cabinets enables us to give you the best advice possible with the highest quality of work in the Campbell, CA area. To view our work please visit us at or give us a call at (407) 370-9667 today.


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