When designing a new kitchen, a homeowner has many factors to consider, such as
function, style, and space. For some of our clients, choosing a kitchen color scheme is
challenging. But we try to make cabinet finishes fun—to the professionals at
Finishes Unlimited, we find finishes to be a great way to personalize your kitchem.

For wood cabinetry, we offer painted, stained, antiqued, and distressed finishes.
Antiqued cabinet finishes are hand-rubbed for added character. Cabinets may be
distressed through a variety of techniques, which create a look of age and weather
to the wood’s surface.

When choosing a cabinet paint or stain color, first consider how the color will
interact with your kitchen as a whole. Is the color too distracting? Or is it simply not
a good fit for the look you want. A good trick is to have a sample piece of wood
finished or painting first to see how it compares and contrasts with the other design
elements in your home. Living with it for a few days can make a big difference when
it comes time to finalize your decision.

Every kitchen needs at least one focal point to make it unique. Custom kitchen
cabinetry is the perfect way to make your kitchen stand out from unfinished or
factory-finished cabinetry.

To learn more about our custom cabinet finishes, please contact our office in Campbell, CA.

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