When it comes to cabinets, there is simply no better alternative than getting them custom designed by your friends at Finishes Unlimited. Serving the Campbell, CA area for over 12 years now, they’ve been producing amazing work that is not only affordable but also built to your exact specifications, giving you the look you’ve always wanted in your home and the space you need. When you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you’ve asked for, and a quality product that will last a lifetime, why would you not go with custom cabinets?

Your Choice

At Finishes Unlimited, there is never a request that cannot be met. Whether you’re looking for something modern, vintage, or simply unique, Finishes Unlimited can make your dreams come true. With over 40 years of combined experience, the experts at Finishes Unlimited have been satisfying customers for years, and when you choose them, you are going to get exactly what you ask for.


Many people ask the question as to whether or not it really pays to get custom cabinets installed in your home. The answer to this question is yes. When you choose to let Finishes Unlimited design your cabinets, you are ensuring the fact that your cabinets will be made out of quality materials and will withstand many years of wear. Not only that, but with Finishes Unlimited, you’re also ensuring that the work will be done with precision and that you are getting the largest amount of space provided by your cabinets.

Are you ready to let the amazing craftsmen at Finishes Unlimited design your custom cabinets? They want to finish your home and make it look better than you could’ve ever imagined. Call us today for your consultation at (408) 370-9667 or visit our website at https://customkitchencabinetscampbellca.com/.

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